Official travel – in coastal Mountain gods

Official travel – in coastal Mountain gods

I set my idea, still others would try to convince me that is not so, the fact that Mount Olympus shelters in the energy resources of nebanuite benefactress, just not for nothing have some written and others about him and not for nothing that the Greeks called this place salasuiesc gods. And how no smoke without fire exits, and in a good trip is to travel to vesdea choose to not know how time, St. Pantelimon village situated in the old coast of the Mountain Olympus, which offers the view of the pier, holding stretched between Valley Tembi and Thessaloniki. From here, in this village at least strange to have the big blue and feel like you are secure from any danger.

I remember that after a while with being me for the first time in these places, close to Platamonas’s Castle, where the sea is approaching dangerous mountain found that Greeks have a unique style in to build the principles to lead his life. My first visit to the Old Holy Pantelimon occurred in the summer of 2007 and am now in my mind an interesting episode. On entering the village, where you leave your car, because the village is not too offers to be traveled by a car, he encountered a „skilakos”, a puppy ciobanesc large, but friendly park came to meet us, trying to discover unless we are masters of, those who have abandoned him with a while ago and took out large cities in search of better paid jobs. Fearful of town I was pretty close with a lot of fear of the dog, the symbol of what was once the village, pastors, herds, sheep, goats and a healthy agrarian life.

Go to the village after a long panorama of Olympus and Pieriei, that plain, as you see with your eyes scaldata in the Aegean. on a pole, a lot of signs that I called a map of the village. Many hieroglyphic in house Greek and the new, heading towards various taverns and places for rent. That’s right, the village is quiet, visited throughout

Throughout the year, but those who live here permanently are very few. We got into a summer day, close to St Marie, and in August, however, besides the tourists were curious and owners repair or modernize their homes. Heat we urge you to take on village paths because they can not name streets and get to a Taverna downtown, near the village church called „Platter – A Platter”, where a welcoming waiter offered to guide us through a history of the village . Thus, we find the receiver that our Greek village would be started to be built by the year 1850, and after only 115 years, the village starts to be left, the local building just a few kilometers below, another village called New St Pantelimon. What caused the locals to change the initial location is not clearly explained but we are convinced that the reasons were pretty Serio. I take a napkin from the table and begin to have my notes with a pen, for years began to be increasingly more. In 1973 because of the aging village school was closed for lack of pupils, a first step for what was to happen in that village, that is depopulation. After 10 years a phenomenon has been reversed, meaning people back in the village and many houses were rebuilt on their money. Three years later, for another three years, the village enjoys a program leader, have said that at this time, Greece was already a member of the European Union. Until 1999, in this village there is no electricity and only one phone function. At present only two families live permanently in the village, celelelalte families live about eight months a year in this village, they come right from neighboring cities such as Larisa Edessa, Evzoni, Katerini and Thessaloniki.

Stam on a cold and are already mounting for video and the Listening Giorgos, our virtual guide, started floating through the various stages of development of the village. Maybe the heat, the air itself paote I create such passing through pockets of time and words create images of Giorgos live in my mind. I said and I repeat … when I get in Greece feel like I’ve come to an end of the road, but not with that of nenorocirii but good in the sense of the word. While this story is held in virtual terrace neighbor, who did not come off in visible to us comes a group of Romanians. Sit and watch with awe as they give valuable advice and are treated like naughty little children although their age is well over 40 years. „They are from your country?. Because they are speaking something between Russian and Italian. ” „Indeed” respond with the feeling that still are too many Romanians in one village. Begin to perceive the reaction of people around and the waiter tells us in a rough English as the Romans are some individuals cute and always polite. I mean the beard can ca waiter knew that are novel and wanted to make me feel bad about nationals to me. I try to get close to her, entering it, being the difference in two weeks when I am away from home. I’m curious and concern about neincrezatori. I say a few words in the beard and let God in payment, so it can better and likely individualism is a growing scourge in Romania. Maybe we are too many and there. In the area of Greece Romanians have access, many tourists choose destinations like Nea Poroi or Paralia Katerini, and until the Old Holy Pantelimon a trip is only welcome, though this destination is well established tourist circuits.

May take a breath of fresh air, convinced by the idea that one day a visit to this place. I find that if I want a room for the winter holidays should I make a reservation now and still will not be cheap at all. I imagine the village of winter, full of snow, my back … there is not much snow in rare weather conditions … but be so good. I look back in the village admire him as I leave for an eternity, you close a door of the soul, and I mean a lot to be seen, so head up!

Mihalis Teodor

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2 răspunsuri la Official travel – in coastal Mountain gods

  1. Animaliciul67 zice:

    Hai ca incepi sa scrii din oce in ce mai bine 😛

  2. Mihai Nasca zice:

    Acesta este un text autogenerat de un translator electronic, un text tradus sper sa fie curand pus pe blogg!!Daca scriu din ce in ce mai bine… ma voi stradui sa fac exercitii!! Multumesc de vizita!

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